So how does Man’s Hour work? Where would we meet and what would we do?

Man’s Hour is based in the community. That means we can meet you somewhere close to where you live or work – if that suits you. It could be in a community centre, or any building space that has private, undisturbed rooms.

We will spend time listening to your story. We will help you to feel safe and to be able to express yourself. Sometimes we may challenge you, not in an aggressive way, but in a caring way, in a way that may make you look at things in a different light. You might find talking is not enough for you so you can also write, draw or use other methods of communicating.

Counselling is about collaboration and finding out ‘how can we help you to help yourself?’ Or ‘how can we both work together to help you?’ During the first session the counsellor will make a contract with you about what to expect and what you want to achieve. This could be specific or open. It could just be that you want to feel happier about yourself.

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