What I’m really after is a list of things that you can help with

We don’t want to make any man feel that his problem isn’t as important as another man’s because it’s not on a list. But to give you a rough idea, here are some examples:

Burn-out, Domestic Violence, Loss, Anger, Rape, Stress, Addiction, Risky Behaviour, Bullying, Despair, Depression, Bereavement, Sex, Low Self-Esteem, Gender-Issues, Pornography, Problems in Relationships, Abuse, Eating Disorders, Trauma, Long Term Illness, Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs. Some men also seek counselling to help maintain the recoveries they have already made in their lives.

If we do not think we are the best people to help you we may suggest a referral to another agency. It is your choice to follow this advice.

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