CCC aims to work in partnership with local community groups as well as larger organisations who run services within local neighbourhoods. This could include schools, housing providers, probation services, etc.

There are a variety of ways in which our emotional and psychological support can come in useful:

  • By working collaboratively on a new venture, either within a partnership or a wider consortia.
  • By providing ongoing therapeutic assistance to an existing service that does not currently cater for the mental/emotional well-being of its participants.
  • By providing an ‘as and when’ service to your service users (and indeed staff members and volunteers) who are experiencing distress at any given time.
  • By facilitating workshops and training around emotional resilience and well-being that can be tailored to service-users, staff and volunteers.
  • By providing active listening-skills training to staff and volunteers.

We have two specific branches alongside our main service: ‘Man’s Hour’, a counselling service for men and ‘Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed’, a service for children and young people. If your organisation works with these client groups, and your clients are seeking counselling or emotional support, we would like to hear from you.

Community counselling rooms

Do you have rooms available in your service area that are safe, secure and confidential and can be hired at an hourly/half day rate? If so, we would be interested to hear from you.

The benefits of CCC:

  • No or low waiting time for support
  • Flexibility of location and appointment times
  • Diverse approach to issues
  • Local knowledge
  • We only use qualified and experienced practitioners.

For more information call Simon on 0754 696 8050 or Rhoda on 0754 696 8049. Or you can email us at